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Our history: from the vine to your glass, the epic of moderato

At the house of moderato

We love wine, a little a lot, passionately. His history, his terroir, his moments, his pleasures, his nuances, his chords, his conviviality. We love him so much that we would like to be able to enjoy it more often, without wondering if it is reasonable, if we have a meeting after this lunch, if we are not going to look at us with a funny air when we will wear a toast, if you go back on foot, if sometimes you shouldn't calm the game a little, or if you are entitled to it.

Our demonstration

In 2020, Sébastien and Fabien, co-founders of moderato, almost made a crisis of faith ... So in good French, they said to themselves that they were going to revolution (old reflex ...), and imagined making a wine as good, but without alcohol. To reach perfect wine , they looked for. The best partner winegrowers, the best terroirs, and the best distillation method. Today, supported by a team of convinced wine enthusiasts like them that another path is possible, they continue to make the wine revolution by developing ever more refined ranges, cuvée After cuvée.Building as much pleasure with or without alcohol that the sober of a day do not see the difference for all the palaces arise and remain equal in law, alcohol or not. By continuing to have fun, we will be free to savor it in the evening, at lunch, at the snack, alone, among friends, driving, keeping the children ... free to get out of the rank, to surprise those around him, free from No longer count the calories since there is almost not. Libre to have fun without playing with our health. It was cheeky to imagine all this, and it is now reality.moderato.Liberté, Equality… sobriety, cheeky, or health! We let you complete.

Red, white, rosé

Our alcohol wines

Typical grape varieties from Bordeaux and Gascogne, Cabernet, Merlot, Tannat, Sauvignons ... for beautiful wines full of balance and character!


White and white of black

Our alcohol -free sparkling wines

As an aperitif or to celebrate, aromatic grape varieties and fine gourmet bubbles.