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Slimming and pleasure: no longer count calories with alcohol -free wine

For those who want to count the calories

Without sacrificing their pleasure, the alcohol -free wine of moderato is the perfect alternative. At the house of moderato, we have chosen to offer alcohol -free wines that retain the pleasure of tasting, while being low in calories. No more concerns about the number of glasses you can afford during the diet. With alcohol -free wine, you can count the calories without counting the glasses. It is a new way of savoring wine, aligned with your health and slimming desires.

Calories and alcohol: what you need to know

Alcohol is an important source of calories. A gram of alcohol contains about 7 calories, almost as much as the fats that contain 9 per gram. Therefore, consuming alcohol regularly can contribute to an excess of calories and weight gain. In addition, alcohol can disrupt metabolism, which can make weight loss more difficult.

Alcohol -free wine offers a lighter alternative. It generally contains fewer calories than traditional wine, due to the elimination of alcohol. In addition, alcohol -free wine retains the benefits of wine, such as polyphenols, natural antioxidants that can contribute to health.

Alcohol -free moderato : pleasure without guilt, low in calories

At the house of moderato, we have created a range of alcohol -free wines that combines pleasure and slimming. Our wines are low in calories, which allows you to enjoy the tasting without worrying about your calorie contribution.

Our alcohol -free wines are more than just a low calorie drink. They are a declaration of freedom, an invitation to savor wine without guilt. They are a revolution for those who seek to reconcile pleasure, health and slimming.

By choosing alcohol -free wine moderato, you choose a tasty and light alcohol alcohol. You join a community that values ​​pleasure without guilt and health without sacrifice. You join the Revolution moderato.

Red, white, rosé

Our alcohol wines

Typical grape varieties from Bordeaux and Gascogne, Cabernet, Merlot, Tannat, Sauvignons ... for beautiful wines full of balance and character!


White and white of black

Our alcohol -free sparkling wines

As an aperitif or to celebrate, aromatic grape varieties and fine gourmet bubbles.