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Découvrez le vin parfait pour accompagner votre fondue

Discover the perfect wine to accompany your fondue

The fondue, with its rich tradition of conviviality and sharing, stands as a must -have winter tables. Originally from the Swiss Alps, this dish quickly established itself in homes around the world, symbolizing the union and the warmth of meals taken with family or friends. Beyond its apparent simplicity, the Savoyard or Burgundian fondue turns out to be a gastronomic experience, where the choice of ingredients, from preparation for tasting, requires attention and know-how. It is in this spirit that wine, a central element of French table art, finds its place, not only as an accompaniment but also as a key actor in the harmony of flavors.

What wine with fondue

Choosing the appropriate wine to accompany a Savoyard fondue, where the rich and creamy cheese is king, or a Burgundian fondue, centered on tender and tasty beef, is knowledge and experience. On the cheese side, the white wines of Savoy, with their beautiful acidity and their fruity notes, like the apremont or the Roussette, go to perfection, bringing a welcome freshness which balances the fat of the cheese. For meat fondues, a light and fruity red, such as Burgundy Pinot Noir or a Beaujolais Gamay, can be an excellent choice, offering a beautiful balance without overcoming the flavors of meat.

However, alcohol -free wines Moderato transcend these classic agreements by bringing a new dimension to experience. With an alcohol -free, fruity and fresh white wine, the Savoyard fondue is equipped with a refreshing companion, while a red alcohol, light and with subtle notes of red fruit, accompanies the Burgundian fondue wonderfully. These wines, by their lightness and their absence of alcohol, make it possible to highlight the flavors of the dish without adding heaviness, making each bite a moment of renewed pleasure.

Understand the basics of the melted and wine agreement

The art of marrying a fondue to a wine, whether alcoholic or without alcohol, is a delicate science that transforms a meal into a gastronomic experience. For lovers of gastronomy and wines, each type of fondue - whether Savoyard, Burgundian, or another variety - calls for a specific type of wine which exalts its flavors. This harmony between the food and the wine makes it possible to enhance the two elements, thus creating an unforgettable tasting moment

Savoyard fondue side

The Savoyard fondue, a real emblem of winter evenings, consists mainly of melted cheese and bread. The rich and creamy cheese, such as Emmental, County, or Beaufort, requires a wine capable of cutting its fat while completing its richness of flavors. Traditionally, a dry white wine is recommended for its balanced acidity and fruity notes. These wines, with their beautiful liveliness and their floral aromas, bring a welcome freshness that cleanses the mouth between each bite.

Burgundian fondue side

For a Burgundian fondue, where the beef is cooked in a cockle of oil or broth, the choice of wine is heading differently. Here, a light red and little tannic wine can complete the tenderness of the meat without crushing it. These wines, thanks to their delicate fruity and their light structure, balance the intensity of red meat and accompaniment sauces like the Bearnaise or the Tartare.


Choosing criteria for alcohol -free wine

When it comes to choosing an alcohol -free wine to accompany a fondue, the criteria are refined. The objective remains to find a balance between the flavors of the dish and those of the wine, without the amplifier effect of alcohol. For a Savoyard fondue, a white without alcohol, dry and fresh wine, with tangy notes and a certain minerality, will do wonder. It must offer enough liveliness to counterbalance the fat of the cheese, while harmonizing the flavors.

 For the Burgundian fondue, a light, light -free red wine, with aromas of red fruits and a touch of liveliness, will be ideal. He must be able to marry beef without dominating the palate, bringing a fruity and refreshing touch that enriches the experience without weighing it down.

In conclusion, which you opt for a Savoyard or Burgundian fondue, the choice of wine, even without alcohol, plays a crucial role in the harmonization of the flavors of your meal. Alcohol -free wines of Moderato, thanks to their excellence and finesse, offer an alternative rich in taste for those who wish to taste their fondue with a glass of wine without the effects of alcohol. Following these pairings tips will allow you to transform a simple fondue into a refined and memorable culinary experience.

How to serve and taste?

Serving an alcohol -free wine on the occasion of a melted evening is not very different from serving a traditional wine, but some important shades guarantee that each sip is as memorable as the dish it accompanies. Whether you are an enlightened amateur or a guest in search of a new experience, following these steps will assure you to take full advantage of your alcohol -free wine and your fondue, whether Savoyard, Burgundian or another variety.

Serve alcohol -free wine: the guide step by step

  • Choose the right wine: select an alcohol -free wine that completes the type of fondue you serve. A dry white and fresh for the cheese fondue, and a light red for the meat fondue.
  • Ideal service temperature: Serve white wine without fresh alcohol, between 8 and 10 ° C, to exalt the aromas. For alcohol-free red wine, a slightly higher temperature, around 12-14 ° C, is preferable to appreciate its roundness and its fruity notes.
  • Choose the appropriate glasses: use traditional wine glasses to serve alcohol -free wine. A white wine glass for white alcohol wines, and a red wine glass for red, allowing better ventilation of wine and a full appreciation of its bouquet.
  • Open and serve: Open the bottle just before serving to preserve the freshness and aromas of wine. Gently pour the wine into the glasses, avoiding filling more than half, to let the wine breathe.

Organize a Fondue and Wine without successful alcohol

  • Preparation of the fondue: whether it is a Savoyard, Burgundian fondue, or a less traditional variant, be sure to use quality ingredients. A good fondue starts with a good base, whether rich and creamy cheese or freshly prepared meat.
  • Varied accompaniments: offer a variety of accompaniments for your fondue. Pieces of crisp bread, fresh vegetables, cold meats for the cheese fondue, or different sauces for the meat fondue will enrich the taste experience.
  • Friendly atmosphere: Fondue is a friendly dish par excellence. Make sure that the table's layout invites sharing and exchange. A warm decoration and dim light can create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Tasting tips: Take a moment in the early evening to talk about the alcohol -free wines you have chosen. Explain why these wines go well with the served fondue, highlighting the characteristics of the grape variety, the region, or the specific notes that make them ideal for the occasion.

By following these steps and advice, you are ready to organize a melted evening and wine without memorable alcohol. Not only do you offer your guests a healthy and inclusive alternative with alcohol -free wines, but you also create a framework conducive to the discovery and celebration of flavors. The key to a successful tasting lies in the preparation and sharing, making each evening melted a unique moment to enjoy in good company.


At the end of our exploration of agreements between fondue and alcohol -free wine, it is obvious that the quality of the taste experience does not only reside in the presence of alcohol in your glass. Alcohol -free wines Moderato offer a palette of aromas and flavors capable of enriching each fondue bite, whether Savoyard, Burgundian, or another variety, while preserving the conviviality and the sharing that characterize this dish.

The best chords between fondue and alcohol -free wine reveal the ability of these drinks to complete the rich and creamy cheese or tender and tasty meat, with a precision that competes with that of traditional wines. Whether by their freshness, their bouquet of aromas or their ability to balance fat and powerful flavors, alcohol -free wines Moderato position themselves as a leading choice to accompany the most friendly moments.

Opt for an alcohol -free wine Moderato, is choosing an enriched and responsible tasting experience. Not only do you benefit from a high-quality taste alternative, but you also make an informed decision, promoting the well-being and safety of all your guests. It is an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of wine, without the effects of alcohol, as part of a meal shared around a fondue.

We invite all fans of gastronomy and good wines to discover the selection of alcohol wines Moderato Specially designed for fondues. Each bottle is a promise of authentic flavors and unforgettable moments, without compromise on quality and pleasure.

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