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Our promise: sobriety rich in flavors

At the house of Moderato

We have a deep conviction: wine is above all a question of tasting and pleasure. It is a rich, complex and tasty drink, which should not necessarily be associated with alcohol to provide approval. This is why we decided to create high -quality alcohol -free wines, which respect the authentic taste of wine, while guaranteeing total sobriety. Far from the clichés and prejudices on alcohol -free wine, we bet with a sobriety rich in flavors, where expertise meets passion to give birth to a new form of conviviality.

Our promise: a commitment for responsible pleasure

Because we believe that it is possible to have fun tasting wine without risk for health, we are committed to promoting responsible consumption. At the house of moderato, we advocate freedom of choice, that of being able to appreciate wine without undergoing the undesirable effects of alcohol. We are convinced that this choice offers a new liberating path, where the pleasure of tasting is not associated with dependence. Our commitment results in a range of high quality alcohol wines, respectful of the authentic taste of wine and offering a real pleasure of tasting. By tasting moderato, you are free to please yourself with a drink at any time, without fear of difficult tomorrows. We are without losing reason, this is the commitment of moderato.

Alcohol -free wine according to moderato : a promise of quality

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol-free wine is not a subcategory. At the house of moderato, we consider that alcohol -free wine deserves as much attention and respect as traditional wine. For this, we have set up a rigorous selection process: we have tasted hundreds of wines. Then we use a low -temperature distillation quenchoolization technique to guarantee the best possible quality of our cuvées. We have the ambition to put an end to the arbitrariness which separates the wines with and without alcohol, by offering wines without alcohol which is part of the family of wine while enjoying it differently. It is a promise of quality that we want to respect for all our wines. Because it is possible to taste a good wine without alcohol, we invite you to discover the revolution moderato, where quality and sobriety meet for everyone's pleasure.

Red, white, rosé

Our alcohol wines

Typical grape varieties from Bordeaux and Gascogne, Cabernet, Merlot, Tannat, Sauvignons ... for beautiful wines full of balance and character!


White and white of black

Our alcohol -free sparkling wines

As an aperitif or to celebrate, aromatic grape varieties and fine gourmet bubbles.