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More than a taste, well-being: the benefits of alcohol-free wine

With moderato

We have taken a different path in terms of wine tasting. We have chosen the way of freedom and equality, by eliminating alcohol while retaining the pleasure and delicacy of a good wine. Choosing a good alcohol -free wine is no longer a default choice but an assumed choice, and full of pleasure to share. Nor is it a small revolt but a positive revolution that gives the choice, which alternates to better control your consumption and keep control.

Health and alcohol free: what you need to know

One of the most obvious benefits of alcohol -free wine is its positive impact on health. By eliminating alcohol, you reduce the risks linked to uncontrolled consumption, which can cause serious disorders such as dependence, health problems and simply the somewhat difficult tomorrows that are not always trivial. But alcohol -free wine is often lower in calories, alcohol in an important calorie factor and you must also look at the sugar content to avoid compensating for the benefit gain with alcohol -free by a too strong content in sugar.

But alcohol -free wine is not content to save the negative effects of alcohol, it also brings the benefits of traditional wine. Polyphenols, natural antioxidants present in the grapes, are kept even during the disalcoilization. These compounds can help prevent cardiovascular disease and contribute to digestive balance (hence the famous revisited adage "a glass of wine (without alcohol) per day keeps the doctor away").

With moderato We make it a point of honor to work on the quality and transparency of our products. Reassure and enlighten the advantages of this choice and our know-how. For us, alcohol -free wine is a liberating choice for oneself and a beautiful revolution for health, equality and pleasure.

Best reasons to choose alcohol-free wine: pleasure and well-being

Alcohol -free wine offers more than health benefits. He also opens a way to a pleasure without judgment and a conviviality without restrictions. Assuming your choices, without being stigmatized, toast on equal by also making discover a new style of wine to keep the real pleasure of sharing good products, all for a better controlled consumption and always as friendly and festive. 

Alcohol -free wine also reverses popularity and prejudice. He demonstrates that the pleasure of wine does not reside exclusively in alcohol but in taste experience, aromas, texture, conviviality of shared moments. It allows everyone to be tied, drinker or not.

Finally, by choosing the alcohol -free wine, you join a small revolution that does not only aim to change our consumption habits, but also to develop our relationship to wine and alcohol. You therefore join a community that values ​​knowledge, reason and happiness. You join the Revolution moderato.

Red, white, rosé

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White and white of black

Our alcohol -free sparkling wines

As an aperitif or to celebrate, aromatic grape varieties and fine gourmet bubbles.