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Our alcohol -free red wines: fruity and tannic

Developed with our winegrowers thanks to the emblematic grape varieties of Gascogne to create original and rich, structured styles, with fruits and pretty tannins.

Our alcohol -free red wines: taste and body without heaviness

Producing quality alcohol wine is not easy. The first step is of course to produce an excellent wine. We carefully select our grapes from the best grape varieties, while respecting the traditional principles of winemaking.

The wine obtained from fermentation is then subjected to a process of decolisation by distillation at low temperature which allows it to keep its aromas and its structure.

This is where our expertise comes in: managing to extract alcohol while respecting the integrity of the initial juice, thus creating a new style of alcohol -free wine in the pure line of the original wine. We offer the possibility of tasting wines of character, without the penalizing sides for health. It's the revolution moderato : ancestral know-how and innovation at the service of the pleasure of tasting.

Our favorite alcohol -free red wines: flavors to discover

Because a quality red wine must obviously not systematically go up to the head, our ranges of Alcohol -free wines, from the best southwest vineyards, are designed to provide a tasting experience without constraints. Whether it is our well -structured red, our delicate whites or our rosés fruity, each sip is a celebration of beautiful flavors without the shadow of the heaviness of the next day.

And for those who have a weakness for bubbles, we also offer alcohol -free sparkling wines. The alcohol level is reduced to such a low degree that it is almost non -existent, but taste, bubbles and pleasure remain.

It is time to put an end to the tyranny of difficult tomorrows and to feast freely. Our alcohol -free wines are there to brighten up your evenings and tomorrows. From each person to each family, join the revolution moderato, let's all bent equal, without moderation, while celebrating the best of French wine - without alcohol!