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Our Rosés alcohol: gourmet and fruity

Developed with our winegrowers thanks to the emblematic grape varieties of Gascogne for notes of gourmet and refreshing red fruits.

Alcohol -free rosé: summer in your glass all year round

Savor a glass of rosé is a summer pleasure par excellence that we like to extend but with moderato, we believe that this pleasure is to be shared in all season. Our roséS without alcohol are a small ray of sunshine with each sip. For a pleasure without ulterior motive and that everyone is tinged!

Our alcohol -free rosés: sweetness and fruity in the spotlight

Wines rosés alcohol moderato put in the spotlight the sweetness and fruity characteristics of this type of wine. They offer a rich aromatic complexity, recalling ripe red fruits and even a floral touch. Whether they are tasted as an aperitif, with a beautiful salad or simply for pleasure, our roséS without alcohol are the ideal companion for these pleasures of everyday life. Our winegrowers select each grape variety to ensure the best quality. Each bottle is an invitation to a moment of conviviality, and seven times lower in calories than a rosé Classic!