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Our alcohol -free sparkling wines: fine bubbles without guilt

Developed with our southwest winemakers, we create unpublished sparkling wines, while balanced and round with just enough fruity and freshness for real moments of pleasure.

Our alcohol -free sparkling wines: the day without a difficult day

People of festive fans, we heard your complaints. Do you like party, bubbles, effervescence, but don't you like difficult tomorrows? With our alcohol -free sparkling wines, Moderato offers a revolutionary solution.

These drinks combine all the sparkling, the pleasure of a traditional wine, without the alcohol that causes the hangover. With their delicate aromas and their festive effervescence, these Alcohol -free wines Tickle the nose and enchant the mouth. Take a cutting of alcohol -free sparkling wine, knit with your friends, and festoy until dawn, without fear for the next day. Moderato, it is the pleasure revolution without consequences.

Our alcohol -free sparkling wines: effervescence to its peak

Alcohol -free sparkling wines Moderato are the perfect illustration of our commitment to a different wine consumption, released from the tyranny of alcohol. Our sparkling wines are a reflection of our expertise, our passion for wine, our desire to offer quality alcohol wines, which respect the flavors and the effervescence of traditional wine. Our alcohol -free bubbles burst in the mouth, releasing a waterfall of fruity flavors and an unrivaled freshness. The effervescence in its peak is the promise of Moderato.

A promise of freedom, shared pleasure, conviviality without the side effects of alcohol. It is an invitation to toast all together, tied, around a glass of alcohol -free sparkling wine. A wind of freedom blows on the world of wine: it is the revolution Moderato.