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Our history: from the vine to your glass, the epic of moderato

Thank you chance! It is thanks to him that the roads of Fabien and Sébastien met at the right time.

Fabien is passionate about the development of committed brands.

Sébastien fell into the pot when it was small, coming from a family of wine -growers and cognac distillars.

Wines enthusiasts, they imagined moderato To rethink the codes by drawing from a unique know-how. A beautiful simple assembly: time (a lot), beautiful meetings (especially), blows of spell (you need!) And dozens of tastings to create A new balance full of taste.


For all those who ...
... want to consume differently, without living in a barrel
... think that "at the same time" is not just a country slogan
... think that the planet needs to be let go of the cluster
... think that only fools don't really change
And that…
... love wine but think that with less alcohol the experience may be less crazy
… Fear that moderation rhymes with frustration, that of half -empty glass
… If we invented a new way of loving vine and wine?
… If we kept pleasure, taste, by reducing the impact on ourselves and on the planet?
… If ‘reasonable’ could just rhyme with ‘good’?