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Our alcohol -free tannic wines: balance and character

Thanks to the work of our Gascogne winegrowers, we went to get structured red wines with beautiful melted tannins.

Our tannic wines: structure and depth without drunkenness

Who said that an alcohol -free wine couldn't be tannic? With moderato, we overthrow preconceived ideas and kiss prejudices. Our alcohol -free tannic wines have a beautiful structure. Thanks to our know-how we highlight the very structure of original wines.

Nothing was left to chance: balance, texture, aromatic expression, to offer a unique tasting experience, without the constraints of alcohol. You can toast with your guests!

Our alcohol -free tannic wines: for wine lovers with body and heart

We are opening a new page in the history of oenophiles with our selection of alcohol -free tannic wines. They are the expression of a long work for the pleasure of everyone, for a world where the alcohol -free can be tasted without moderation. Each sip is a revolution where we respect the very essence of grape varieties and the structure of wines. A new era of tasting, Welcome to the Revolution of Alcohol without alcohol!