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Our alcohol -free fruity wines: fresh and full of flavors

Developed with our winegrowers thanks to the emblematic grape varieties of Gascogne to create a fruity style, tangy with a lot of freshness.

Our fruity wines: an explosion of flavors full of freshness

A glass of fruity wine without alcohol in hand, it's a party full of flavors and freshness. These wines, from large grape varieties (Colombard, Sauvignon, White, Gros Manseng, Merlot ...), are disalcolized with Care to preserve their natural aromas and flavors. The nose is fresh and generous, revealing notes of red fruits, exotic fruits, or citrus fruits.

On the palate, it is a beautiful balance of flavors that enchants the palace. A real revolution, of those that end preconceived ideas and prejudices on Alcohol -free wines. Finally, you can savor a fruity wine, full of sun and conviviality, without giving up your freedom the next day. In short, it is our promise: to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy without losing reason, but with the same pleasure.

Our selection of fruity wines: alcohol -free wines full of flavors

Moderato offers a first selection of alcohol -free fruity wines that testifies to the richness and diversity of our terroirs. Each of these wines is a declaration of the right to taste a good wine, to toast equally, without worrying about the side effects of alcohol. A beautiful fraternal momentum against the tyranny of alcoholic wine. Our white wines, rosés andalcohol -free, all generously fruity, adapt to every good shared time. Making the pleasure of wine accessible to everyone and without an ounce of alcohol is the cornerstone of our mission!