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Our thirst wines: pleasure & sobriety

Thanks to the know-how of our Gascogne winegrowers, we created original alcohol wines with beautiful flavors, body, character to discover the pleasures of wine otherwise.

The Disalcoolization process: art and science

Creating a good alcohol -free wine is not a small business. The first step is of course to produce an excellent wine, vinified at maturity. We carefully select the best grape varieties, including the Merlot for the Reds and the Sauvignon Blanc for certain whites, respecting traditional French vinification know-how.

The wines obtained from fermentation are rich in aromas and balanced. They are then subjected to a stage of disalcoolization by distillation at low temperature to preserve all the aromas and their structure.

It is here that our know-how comes in, we work with precision to extract alcohol while retaining the integrity of the initial wine by thus creating wines in lines of their alcoholic counterparts. No more alcohol privileges, we offer the possibility of tasting wines of character, without impact on health. It's the revolution moderato : Know-how at the service of the art of tasting, without alcohol.

Our range of thirst wines: pleasure without constraints

Who said that a good wine had to be alcoholic? Our range of alcohol -free wines from the best fields of Gascogne is designed to offer you a rich and liberating tasting experience. Whether it is our tannic reds, our delicate whites or our roséS fruity, each sip is a celebration of intense flavors without the shadow of a next day that is disillusioned.

And for those who have a weakness for bubbles, we also offer alcohol -free sparkling wines.

The time has come to enjoy freely. Our alcohol -free wines are there to brighten up your evenings and tomorrows. Join the Revolution moderato, let's all run on par, while celebrating the best of French wine - without alcohol!