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Vinishismization of wine: a whole art in moderato

In the world of wine

Disalcoolization is a daring practice that sometimes comes up against skeptical looks. At the house of moderato, we see disalcoolization not as a limitation, but as an exciting challenge - a marriage of science, art and love for wine. Our mission ? Preserve all the subtle notes, the aromas and the complexity of the wine while eliminating alcohol. It is a delicate exercise that requires technical know-how, in-depth knowledge of wine and a passion for innovation. This alliance of art, science and passion is the very heart of our process of quencholization in moderato.

Vinishismization: Understanding the process

A careful process

Disalcoolization of wine is not an easy task. It is a distillation process that requires rigorous control and constant attention. The main objective is to eliminate alcohol while preserving the aromatic compounds that give wine its flavor and bouquet.

Disalcoolization techniques

There are several methods of wine inalcoolization, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The objective is always the same: eliminate alcohol while preserving the aromatic compounds which give wine its unique character.

Vacuum evaporation

Vacuum evaporation is a method which consists in heating the wine gradually. This makes it possible to evaporate alcohol without having to heat the wine at high temperatures, which could alter its aromas and flavors. Once the alcohol is evaporated, it is then separated from the rest of the wine.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a more recent technique that involves dividing wine into two flows. One flow is rich in alcohol, while the other mainly contains water and aromatic compounds. Alcohol is then eliminated from the flow rich in alcohol, and the two flows are mixed again. This method reduces the alcohol content without affecting the aromas and flavors of wine as much.


Distillation is an old method which consists in heating the wine to evaporate alcohol, which has a boiling point lower than water and most of the other compounds of wine. The vaporized alcohol is then condensed and separated from the rest of the wine. Although this approach can eliminate alcohol, a special method is needed at controlled temperature to properly preserve the aromatic of wine without heating it too much.

At the house of moderato : a wine -making disalcoolization of wine

Our philosophy

At the house of moderato, we believe that each wine has a soul and that our role is to preserve it, even in an alcohol -free wine. For this, we have developed a process of decay that respects the integrity of wine and maintains its organoleptic qualities.

Our process

We use a vacuum distillation at low temperature. The objective is to then preserve the aromatic structure of each wine as much as possible. We use a respectful method that eliminates alcohol while preserving aromas and flavors. From the selection of the best grapes to the final tasting, each step is rigorously controlled to guarantee a high quality alcohol wine.

Alcohol -free wine from moderato It is not just a wine deprived of its alcohol, it is a wine which has been the subject of particular attention to guarantee a tasting rich in flavors. This is the promise that we make to all wine lovers, whether alcohol -free or curious about new experiences.

Red, white, rosé

Our alcohol wines

Typical grape varieties from Bordeaux and Gascogne, Cabernet, Merlot, Tannat, Sauvignons ... for beautiful wines full of balance and character!


White and white of black

Our alcohol -free sparkling wines

As an aperitif or to celebrate, aromatic grape varieties and fine gourmet bubbles.