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The pleasure of lifting the pregnant elbow: alcohol -free wine for future mothers

At the house of moderato

We have a sincere thought for future mothers who want to protect their baby but would also like to toast on them with those around them and enjoy something other than a sparkling water. Alcohol -free wine moderato is a great revolution, by allowing to reconcile pleasure and responsibility! Beyond a healthy alternative, it is an enlightened choice for a way of life respectful of oneself and the future baby. Our alcohol-free wines are designed with love and passion with all the know-how and attention of our winegrowers to create quality, alcohol and low-calorie products.

Alcohol -free wine for pregnant women: risk -free pleasure

Pregnancy is a period of joy, but also of apprehension. Alcohol, even in small quantities, may present risks for the fetus. With alcohol -free wine, future mothers can fully live this stage of their lives without giving up their pleasures lightly and conviviality. The harmful effects of alcohol are removed, but taste and aromas are preserved.

Our alcohol -free wines maintain polyphenols, these natural antioxidants, which provide many benefits to the health of the mother and baby. In addition to their protective action on the cardiovascular system, they are recognized for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

With respect for the tradition of wine, we are committed to moderato to produce an alcohol -free wine that makes no compromise on quality. The pleasure of wine for all places future mothers in the heart of our alcohol -free revolution.

Our selection of alcohol -free wines for future mothers

With moderato, we think of all pregnant women who want to share a friendly moment around a glass of wine. We have designed alcohol-free cuvées dedicated to 0.0% from emblematic grape varieties from the southwest of France such as Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc for whites, with freshness, fruit and beautiful acidity, or, Merlot and Tannat for round reds, leaked to melted tannins, and original assemblies for our rosés full of fruit and sweets. We offer a whole aromatic palette in our ranges for a real pleasure 100% wine but without alcohol.

These wines are designed to offer the complexity and finesse of traditional wines without the impact of alcohol for pregnancy.

By choosing our selection of alcohol -free wines, future mothers will be able to celebrate their pregnancy while respecting their health and that of their baby. A whole program for the revolution that is announced ;-)

Red, white, rosé

Our alcohol wines

Typical grape varieties from Bordeaux and Gascogne, Cabernet, Merlot, Tannat, Sauvignons ... for beautiful wines full of balance and character!


White and white of black

Our alcohol -free sparkling wines

As an aperitif or to celebrate, aromatic grape varieties and fine gourmet bubbles.