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Our alcohol -free white wines: fruity and balanced

Developed with our winegrowers thanks to the emblematic grape varieties of Gascogne, to create leaked styles, with a beautiful refreshing and original acidity.

Our alcohol -free white wines: freshness without compromise

When the French wine tradition meets innovation, the result is amazing. Our alcohol -free white wines are the perfect example of this successful alliance. So, at Moderato, we have developed a range of alcohol -free white wines that will surprise you.

Each bottle is full of freshness and balance, with notes of ripe fruit, slightly flowery and vineyards, all without the slightest degree of alcohol. A beautiful balance that goes perfectly with a seasonal salad, fresh fish, or even white meat. All the pleasure of a good tasting, our alcohol -free white wines are the promise of a friendly, light and pleasant moment.

Our alcohol -free white wines: large grape varieties for dry and fruity wines

Our selection of alcohol -free white wines is distinguished by its variety and quality. Developed from large grape varieties of Gascogne, our Alcohol -free wines highlight the unique character of each with a beautiful palette of aromas that will delight the taste buds. Each of our wines has been chosen for its unique profile, to offer you a range that will adapt to all palaces and on all occasions.

Discover the richness of our alcohol -free white wines, whether you are lovers of Red wine, rosé, or white, you will find your happiness in our collection.