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The opinion of a oenologist: alcohol -free wine under an expert look

In the complex and fascinating world of wine

The opinion of an oenologist is crucial. His in -depth knowledge of wines allows him to appreciate the subtleties of each bottle. So, what do wine free -free wine oenologists think? The answer is simple: more and more of them consider it as a welcome innovation which brings a new dimension to the oenological experience.

Oenology and alcohol -free wine: a new approach to wine

Alcohol -free wine: an exciting challenge

For our oenologist, Frédéric Brochet, alcohol -free wine represents an exciting challenge. It requires an in -depth understanding of flavors and aromas to be able to appreciate an alcohol -free wine that retains complexity and the balance close to a traditional wine. It is an exercise in innovation and creativity, which pushes the limits of wine art.

Respect for traditions

Some oenologists can be upset at the idea of ​​tasting an alcohol -free wine. Despite the novelty that this drink represents, the production of alcohol -free wine is deeply rooted in the wine tradition. The same care is given to the culture of vines and the harvest of grapes. The decolisalization process is then carefully controlled to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of wine as much as possible. At the house of moderato, we have an oenologist who guides us in all aspects of production, from the selection of wines to the disalcoilization of these.

Expert opinion on our selection of alcohol -free wines

A new oenological experience

Oenologists can appreciate the way in which alcohol -free wine enriches oenological experience. More and more of them recognize that alcohol -free wine offers an interesting alternative for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of tasting without the effect of alcohol.

The Verdict of Experts

Our alcohol -free wines were subjected to the rigorous examination of experts, sommeliers, oenologists. Their positive comments testify to the quality of our wines: 

'Bluffing! If we do not know, it is not easy to know that there is no alcohol '

They salute the richness of the aromas, the finesse of the flavors and the beautiful structure.

'Balanced, with a beautiful roundness, and a beautiful purity!'

Thus, alcohol -free wine is increasingly recognized as a true expression of wine art. At the house of moderato, we are proud to be at the forefront of this innovation, offering wines without alcohol which are not only delicious, but which are also appreciated by wine experts.

Red, white, rosé

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White and white of black

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